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Indo Pacific command

Decision Time Has Arrived For India

It was Regis Debray who wrote that "we are never contemporaneous with the present", and that the past intrudes and succeeds in diluting our understanding of the realities of the…

By Prof Madhav Das Nalapat

It’s Not the Job of the Quad, Keeping Chinese Tankers Safe !

In mature democracies, the relationship between the foreign service and the Navy is symbiotic, with each service wishing the best of health to the other. In India, the relationship started…

By Rear Admiral K Raja Menon (Retd)

The Second Quad Summit- Whither Indo-Pacific Order

The first-ever in-person summit of the four leaders of the Quadrilateral Framework (Quad) in the Indo-Pacific on Friday in Washington marks a critical milestone for the consultative framework since it…

By Commodore Abhay Kumar Singh (Retd)

China’s massive military, nuclear build-up cause for major concern: US Admiral

New Delhi [India], August 25 (ANI): The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command has said that China's military expansion, the largest military build-up in history since the second world war,…