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Stop bashing India without visiting the ground, down with anti-India ‘bakwas’, says UK-based journalist

Sun, 19 May 2024   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

New Delhi [India], May 19 (ANI): UK-based journalist Sam Stevenson, Assistant Editor at the Daily Express, is in India to cover the world’s largest general election. He emphasised the importance of experiencing the elections in the country firsthand to provide accurate and balanced reporting.
Stevenson, speaking candidly about his observations, criticised the prevalent negative narratives about India in the Western media. “I think it’s time to say, enough with India bashing. Down with the anti-India ‘Bakwas’. We need to come here and tell the true, positive stories of the new India. Unfortunately, a lot of the narratives that exist in London and across Europe are negative stories about India. We’re hearing things like religious divisions, but that’s not what we’ve witnessed on the ground,” Stevenson told ANI.
During his coverage, Stevenson and his team have travelled extensively across India, including attending rallies and interacting with local communities. He highlighted witnessing the country’s pluralism, noting, “We have seen Muslim women in full burqas attending Narendra Modi’s rally. We have seen examples of the pluralism of this great and wonderful nation. We are here to level up the British media’s coverage of this nation. And we’re here to get to the truth and find some real facts and bring them home to London.”
Stevenson’s remarks come as India approaches the fifth phase of its seven-phase general election, set to conclude on June 4 with the announcement of results. His team is prepared to cover the upcoming phases in various states and districts.
Stevenson was critical of the Western media’s portrayal of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance.
“Unfortunately, the perceptions of India across Europe and the West are not good. And this is because we are being fed negative stories from the press. And it’s a shame because, actually, people need to come here, see it with their own eyes, live it, breathe it, meet the people, speak to people on the ground, and you will be seeing that, new India, global Britain, we can be a force for good,” he said.
He further elaborated on the complexity of India’s socio-political landscape, stressing the importance of nuanced reporting. “The British media are attempting to simplify something that’s very complicated. They are saying Modi is anti-Islam. But actually, when you get on the ground and you speak to real Muslims, when you speak to Hindus, Sikhs, you will see that India is accepting of all cultures or religions. And that is the absolutely fantastic thing about this place.”
Stevenson committed to challenge existing narratives and bring forth the “reality of India’s pluralistic society”. “We’re here to level up the British media’s coverage of this nation. And we’re here to get to the truth and find some real facts and bring them home to London,” he said, underscoring his commitment to journalistic integrity and factual reporting. (ANI)

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