• 29 November, 2023
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Maj Gen Roopesh Mehta, SM,VSM
Maj Gen Roopesh Mehta, SM,VSM

Maj Gen Roopesh Mehta, SM,VSM is an officer in the Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army.

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First of three US military planes to arrive in Egypt with humanitarian aid for Gaza

Washington, DC [US], November 28 (ANI): The White House on Tuesday announced that the first humanitarian aid flight facilitated by the US military is set to arrive in Egypt for civilians in Gaza amid the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. It is worth mentioning that the temporary truce has b

“We are not giving up”: Israel’s envoy to India on war against Hamas

New Delhi [India], November 28 (ANI): Israel's Ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, reiterated on Tuesday that the Jewish nation is not going to give up the aim of making sure that Hamas will not be able to carry out such acts against country ever and vowed to 'fight until victory.' "But eventually, th

League of Arab States commemorates International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

New Delhi [India], November 28 (ANI): The League of Arab States on Tuesday commemorated the 'International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People' at the Palestinian Embassy in New Delhi. The League of Arab States (LAS) shares a common mission with the United Nations (UN): promoting peace, s

Egypt putting heavy pressure on Yahya Sinwar to release Israeli hostages

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 28 (ANI/TPS): As Israel and Hamas agreed to extend their temporary ceasefire by two days, Egypt has been placing heavy pressure on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. "Twice during the ceasefire, the parties got into a crisis when Yahya Sinwar tried to violate the agreements. The

“India asking for evidence so that Canada can conclude its investigation” says Indian envoy to Canada Sanjay Verma

Ottawa [Canada], November 28 (ANI): Indian High Commissioner in Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma said that, and India is only asking for "specific and relevant" evidence in the killing of India designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar so that it can help Canada in reaching the conclusion of the investiga

Israeli commander explains role of Iron Dome in intercepting rockets, minimising casualties

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 28 (ANI): Israeli commander Doron Gavish explained the workings of the Iron Dome system as part of a multi-layered defence system that has helped Israel intercept thousands of rockets from multiple targets. Former Commander of the Aerial Defense Array Brigadier General (


The gunners in India recently celebrated their Corps Day on September 28, 2023. as it was this very date way back in 1827 when the first artillery unit was raised as part of the British India. Whether the gunners should continue with this date as their ‘Corps Day’ or shift to a suitable date in

Dara Shikoh Foundation writes to UNESCO over Pakistan destroying ‘Sharda Peeth’ in PoK to build coffee house for soldiers

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 27 (ANI): Mohammad Amir Rashid, president of Dara Shikoh Foundation wrote a letter to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) over Pakistan damaging walls of cultural Heritage site 'Sharda Peeth' located in Pakistan-Occu

Hamas’ attempt to separate mothers from children delays release of fourth batch of hostages, says Israel

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 27 (ANI): Talks over the release of the fourth batch of Israeli hostages by Hamas are facing a delay due to concerns that the proposed list includes separating several children from their mothers, The Times of Israel reported citing an Israeli official. Israel asserts th

Hostage-prisoner swap: Qatar announces truce extension in Gaza Strip by two days

Doha [Qatar], November 27 (ANI): Qatar has successfully negotiated an agreement between Israel and Hamas to extend the four-day truce between them by an additional two days, Doha's foreign ministry spokesperson said. "The State of Qatar announces, as part of the ongoing mediation, an agreement has

Five operatives of Canada-based terrorist Arsh Dalla arrested, hand grenades recovered: Delhi Police

New Delhi [India], November 27 (ANI): Five operatives of designated terrorists Arshdeep Dalla have been arrested and highly sophisticated weapons and hand grenades were recovered from their possession, Delhi Police said on Monday. The arrested operatives or sharpshooters of the Canada-based terrori


Customarily, ceasefire in intense conventional operations is rare. The party undertaking the offensive could hardly be keen to cause a break in the tempo of operations, where the time in which operations are to be completed is the crucial factor. The attacker usually employs the concept of simultane