• 27 June, 2022
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Colonel Deepak Kumar
Colonel Deepak Kumar

Colonel Deepak Kumar is a serving Indian Army officer and has been the Chair of Excellence for Defence Services at Observer Research Foundation. He has an M Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies.

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The Question of Junagadh and Independent India’s First Joint Military Operation

The Integrated Defence Staff released the first-ever public joint doctrine for the Indian armed forces (JDIAF-2017) in April 2017[1]. The Indian defence services have since been working in all earnest to institutionalize joint structures and operational mechanisms to ensure jointness and synergy in

India Needs to Deploy its Ballistic Missile Defence System

The commencement of the induction of S 400 Missile system by the Indian Air Force has once again brought into public consciousness the issue of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). S 400 is believed to have in addition to being an anti-aircraft system, a proven capability of a BMD. Networked with the in

Can India Emerge as Afghanistan’s Friend in Need?

Afghanistan is today one of the least developed countries with GDP of US$ 19.8 Billion and per capita GDP of US$ 508.8 (both nominal values). If we assess Afghanistan from the point of view of the various matrices of human development index, the period from 2001 till August 2021 witnessed relative p

How Long Can The Taliban 2.0 Last

The lightning speed with which the provincial capitals in Afghanistan, starting early August, fell in quick succession, leading the Taliban fighters to Kabul by mid August 2021, belying all predictions of various security analysts and western intelligence agencies – who had predicted Kabul to fall

Impact of Taliban’s “Victory” on Global Islamist Terrorism

US led Global War on Terror has had a stifling effect on most Islamist terror groups around the world since its start in 2001. However, the chaotic and haphazard US withdrawal from Afghanistan is being seen as a change in the US policy pertaining to the Global War on Terror. Taliban’s success in A