• 27 June, 2022
Foreign Affairs. Geopolitics. National Security.
Col Rajeev Agarwal (Retd)
Col Rajeev Agarwal (Retd)

Col Rajeev Agarwal (Retd) is Assistant Director at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. He is a research analyst on West Asia and Afghanistan and was formerly a Director in the Military Intelligence Directorate and a Director at the Ministry of External Affairs.

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India’s Deft Engagement in Afghanistan

The first meeting between Indian officials and the Taliban leadership, after the Taliban takeover last year, took place in Kabul on 02 June 2022. Just prior to it, the 4th Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan was held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on 26 May 2022 which was attended by the NSAs of all

UAE Under Attack

In a surprise and rather shocking incident, Abu Dhabi airport was targeted by a drone attack today afternoon resulting in three oil tankers being blown off in close vicinity of the main airport and casualties to three persons including two Indian nationals. The responsibility was promptly claimed by

Iran Nuclear Deal: One Last Chance to Salvage it

Iran nuclear talks are set to resume in Vienna on 29 November 2021. The last round of talks, sixth in the series of talks since it commenced this year, were suspended in June 2021, when Iran presidential elections took place. Coming after a gap of five months and significant improvements in the nucl