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Israeli Cabinet to meet on deal for release of hostages from Gaza

Tue, 21 Nov 2023   |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 21 (ANI): The Israeli Cabinet will meet at 8 pm (Israeli local time) on Tuesday to approve a deal for the release of dozens of hostages from Gaza, The Times of Israel reported.
Some 50 children, mothers, and other women are reported to be freed by Hamas over 4-5 days, the report stated.
Further, according to Israeli media, the agreement is focused on Israeli hostages, mainly women and children, with talks on releasing foreign hostages not currently on the table.
The Israeli Prime Minister’s office stated in a release, “In light of developments on the issue of the release of our hostages, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will, this evening, convene the War Cabinet at 18:00, the Security Cabinet at 19:00, and the Government at 20:00.”
Hamas and other terror factions in Gaza abducted some 240 people from Israel during the October 7 attacks, including about 40 children, elderly people and dozens of Thai and Nepali nationals.
The hostage deal will include the release of some 150 to 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, among them female and minor prisoners, The Times of Israel reported citing Channel 12.
Channel 12 stated further that the hostage releases could begin on Thursday or Friday. The report says the ceasefire could be extended to allow the release of more hostages following the initial 50 or so.
Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said his country will need to make “difficult decisions” with regard to the hostages held by the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip.
“We are moving step by step towards the total defeat of Hamas and getting closer to bringing the hostages home,” Gallant said following an assessment with military officials at the Gaza Division base in southern Israel.
“I think we will all have to make difficult, important decisions in the coming days,” he says. “There is not a moment throughout this campaign–45 days–that I don’t think about the hostages,” Gallant added.
Meanwhile, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on Tuesday morning posted a video on X, depicting the reasons behind Hamas supposedly using the Shifa Hospital as a place to hold hostages.
Along with the shared video was a text that read, “This is WHY Hamas brought hostages to the Shifa Hospital after the October 7 massacre. Why is Hamas still holding over 200 civilians hostage 44 days later?”
The military wing of the state of Israel declared, “This is the question the world should be asking.”
On October 7, Hamas conducted an offensive operation into Israel, reportedly rebelling against the Israeli regime. In the process, the group took over 200 people hostage, transporting them into the Gaza Strip.
In the video, the IDF stated, “Thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, amidst their massacre, they abducted over 200 innocent people and brought them into Gaza by brute force.”
On World Children’s Day, Israel shared pictures of children held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, stressing that there are more than 30 children, including babies and toddlers.
They further urged the international community to take action to bring them home.
“While your children are at school, there are currently more than 30 Israeli babies, toddlers and children being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas terrorists. On #WorldChildrensDay we demand action from the international community. BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME!,” Israel shared the post on X.
In another post, they shared the images of these children and emphasised that these children should be with their families and not in a dark room in Gaza.
“Look at each and every one of their faces. These are the babies, toddlers and children being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. They should be with their families. Not in a dark room somewhere in Gaza. BRING THEM HOME!” the post read. (ANI)

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