• 12 June, 2024
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Israeli Ambassador highlights India’s support amid global criticism

Wed, 22 May 2024   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI): At the Israel National Day celebrations held in Delhi, Ambassador Naor Gilon made a statement shedding light on the shifting global sentiments towards Israel. Amid the mounting criticism following Israel’s operation to dismantle Hamas and retrieve kidnapped individuals, Gilon underscored the unwavering support received from India.
“Following the decision of Israel to go on an operation to dismantle the Hamas and bring back the kidnapped, all the sympathy that Israel had following October 7 was changing to a very ugly wave of hatred, delegitimisation and anti-Semitism around most of the world,” stated Ambassador Gilon.

He expressed gratitude towards India for standing steadfastly by Israel during this challenging period, emphasising the significant support extended by both the Indian government and its people.
“We here in the embassy in Delhi are privileged to serve in India, in a friendly country in such a period, because, as said before, from October 7, both the government and the people of India stood on the side of Israel. And this we will never forget,” Gilon affirmed.
Reflecting on the depth of the bond between India and Israel, Gilon highlighted India’s own struggle against terrorism and asserted that the solidarity shown by the Indian people towards Israel was emblematic of the special relationship shared between the two nations.
“The amount of support we got here is nothing short of amazing. This is, I think, a reflection of India itself being a victim of terror for many years. But more so, I think it’s an indication of the very special relations between India and Israel, or more precisely, between the Indian people and the Jewish people,” Gilon also said.
Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra and members of the Indo-Israeli community were also present during the ceremony held in the national capital on Tuesday. (ANI)

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