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Indian Navy closely tracking Chinese submarines, warships moving for engagement with Pakistan Navy

Thu, 26 Oct 2023   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

New Delhi [India], October 26 (ANI): Amid the ongoing global instability, Chinese submarines and warships are moving towards Pakistan for likely wargames and are being closely tracked by the Indian Navy assets including the P-8I surveillance planes and MQ-9B Predator drones.
The Indian Navy keeps a close watch on the activities of the Chinese naval movements in the Indian Ocean Region which is considered globally as the area of responsibility of India.
“Three Chinese Navy warships including a destroyer and frigate along with a tanker are in the Persian Gulf region and are likely to be joined by the Pakistan Navy for maritime exercises,” sources in the security establishment told ANI.
The three warships were part of the 44th Anti-Piracy Escort Force since May 2023 and have now handed over the responsibility of anti-piracy roles to the 45th APEF in the Gulf of Aden.
The 45th APEF entered the Indian Ocean Region in the IOR in October and has been there since then.
The agencies concerned suspect that the Chinese and Pakistani warships may move closer towards the areas in the Persian Gulf from where they can monitor the American deployments after the Israel-Hamas conflict broke out in that region.
The Chinese warships have been joined by a Song Class submarine along with a submarine Support Vessel Chang Dao (ASR 847).
These vessels were monitored closely by the Indian Navy’s assets.
The Indian Navy has been deployed in the areas surrounding the Malacca Straits and flies its P-8I anti-submarine warfare planes and the Predator drones very extensively.
The wargames with Pakistan Navy are planned to be held in mid or end November and will see the participation of Pakistani assets.
The Indian naval assets have also tracked a Chinese quasi-military research vessel, Shi Yan 6 in the IOR since the middle of September.
The research vessel is currently undertaking Joint Scientific Research in Sri Lankan EEZ, sources said.
Indian Navy also has a major presence in the Persian Gulf as well as the Gulf of Aden and keeps its surveillance against any movement of the adversaries in the region. (ANI)

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