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Are Civil Societies a Real Threat to India?

Saugat Deb
Wed, 24 Nov 2021   |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the recent times the debate on fourth generation warfare has started again after our NSA Ajit Doval in his recent speech at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Patel addressing the trainee IPS officers said that, “Civil societies pose a new threat to India”.

So let us try to understand what are civil societies basically, so these are the organisations or groups which might be registered or unregistered working in the fields of social welfare, environment, education, human rights, farmer organisations, various NGOs, etc. who either work independently or receive funding from various private sources including foreign sources. As now we have seen the meaning of civil society, then a question might arise within you that, ‘these civil societies are good only, they are working for the benefit of the society in general then how they can be dangerous to the country’s security’.

So, the question is purely valid, to find the answer to this question we have to decode the sentence what our NSA has told. So it is quite obvious that Ajit Doval is not referring to all the civil societies but in the past we have seen there have been many civil societies who are working in the influence of foreign funding which work against India’s interest under the cover of protest or strikes.

The Recent case of the Great Thunberg tool case how a plan was devised to mobilise or divert the ‘farmers protests’ against India. Also, the Delhi riots which were devised by extreme leftist organisations and anti national elements under the cover of the Anti CAA protest to ruin the tour of then American president Donald Trump. And there in the past many pseudo organisations have been identified by our law enforcement agencies and security agencies which had registered themselves under NGOs and received foreign funding in the name of welfare activities but diverted those fund towards terror funding and funding insurgent groups.

Also after the 2014 victory of Narendra Modi government we have seen the rise in protests in some reputed government run institutes, also we know how much Chinese investments have penetrated in India and under the cover of these the investments the Chinese regime is funding the North Eastern insurgency primarily and extremely leftist organisations who sympathise the ideology of Chairman Mao. Under cover of democracy, rights and freedom these organisations have harmed a lot in the past and is continuously trying to harm India by hampering it’s growth and slowing down India’s progress by not allowing roads to be built in the border areas stating invalid environmental concerns, nuclear doctrine to be developed stating it will create instability or India is becoming the transgressor, modern weapons to be purchased stating that India being a poor nation should not divert it’s resources in military spending.

Using civil societies or the civilians of one’s country to act against their own country under various influence like money and etc. comes under fourth generation warfare. This is a serious threat for our nation as it is very difficult to separate between a good organisation which is actually concerned for welfare activity and a organisation which is just using this as a tool to harm the nation. Also a detailed report about this was published by IB in the year the 2014 during the time of congress government where it was stated that ‘India losses 2-3% of it’s GDP every due to delayed projects and stuck projects under court trial or delayed due to some protest’.

So, what can be the solution to this, we have seen the government has taken few steps in the past to check foreign funding, where it created a law to check foreign funding and also the government has banned some organisations which have been found doing illicit activities or involved in anti national activity. These laws need to be empowered more and also there should be some monitoring of these organisations to trace their activities. Also we as citizens must be aware and use our consciousness to identify such organisations and never fund them or support such organisations and also support the government’s decision in such strict laws to check the activities of the civil societies which are working against the interest of India.
Jai Hind!


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